Two more weeks until craftsmanship course starts

I must be having the butterfly jitters before offering a new course, Special Topics Seminar: Craft of Software Development. I sat down with a google document to review everything that I wanted to do with the course. In a moment of feeling that I must have been missing something, I reviewed my original blog post about the idea. To my surprise, the ideas in my original blog post were consistent with my current ideas and still at the heart of the course design.

I’m using Keith Johnstone as an inspiration for this course. While I have some course structure, I want to be flexible with the delivery and reflect after each session on how the course can be better serving this particular group of students. I’m also wanting to try some crazy in class exercises. At times, I feel that actors getting on stage is an easier art form to work with than software developers writing code. Perhaps I’d feel differently if everyone would be working with the same programming language.

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