# About Todd Sedano is the Associate Director of Research and Development for Pivotal Software. At Pivotal he worked in Pivotal Labs building custom software and teaching agile software development for Barnes and Noble, Mercedes Benz, VMWare, Nominum, Walker and Company, GlobeHealer and Pivotal Big Data. He grew the Palo Alto office from 4 engineers to 25 engineers. For Pivotal Big Data, he co-managed the Greenplum Database, a massively paralyzed database. Todd Sedano was the Director of the Software Engineering program at Carnegie Mellon University's Silicon Valley campus. He was responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Software Engineering program and taught agile methodologies to graduate students. While working in the Artificial Intelligence group at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Todd worked on planning and scheduling software for the Deep Space Network antennas and space probes, image processing, and system testing of the Remote Experiment Agent planning software on the Deep Space 1 spacecraft. In Silicon Valley, Todd has worked with both startup and established companies. Using J2EE technologies he has worked on websites for Sega, Roxio, Target, Better Homes and Gardens, and CustomerNation; integrated software with FedEx, UPS, and NetSuite webservices; been in a few death marches; and managed several development teams. Todd's latest passions are Ruby on Rails and Improv. Todd earned both his M.S. in software engineering and his undergraduate degree in mathematics and computer science from Carnegie Mellon University. My favorite video games are: * Mule (Atari 800) * Millenium 2.2 and Deuteros (Atari ST) * Beyond Good and Evil (XBox) * Grabbed by the Ghoulies (XBox) * Halo (XBox) * Rock Band (XBox 360) * Bioshock Infinite Todd Sedano

Todd love buidling diverse high performing teams. He combines agile practices with his CMU software engineering research.

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