Renaming Scrum Master

Renaming the Scrum Master role. On my team, we’re discussing “scrum facilitator” or “scrum enabler.” I asked twitter for ideas and here’s what you all came up with.


  • Scrum facilitator
  • Scrum coach (Jay Bazuzi: I want to discourage thinking of the role as “keeper of the backlog, scheduler of the meetings.”)
  • Scrum leader
  • Scrum guide
  • Scrum moderator
  • Scrum wrangler
  • Scrum navigator
  • Scrum curator
  • Scrum ordinator
  • Scrum conductor
  • Agile coach
  • Flow coach
  • Team facilitator
  • Team coach
  • Team enabler
  • Team champion
  • Process Guardian
  • Value stream manager
  • Driver
  • Servant leader
  • Scrum enabler
  • Agility advocate

Personally, I’m liking Scrum Facilitator ™

And if you need a laugh, here are the more fun suggestions:

  • Ceremonial leader
  • Scrumpire
  • Scrummers
  • Scrummees
  • Scrum diddly umptuous
  • Scrum-i-kanban-agilistic-xp-lean-idocious, even though the sound of it is something quite precocious.
  • Scrumbag
  • Chief Cat Herder
  • Head Plate Spinner
  • Ringleader of the Process
  • Captain Delicious
  • S-crummy-licious

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