Cleaning House - Removing dead columns

Cleaning House - Removing dead columns

On January 10, 2023, our code base turns 11 years old. For a repo with this much history, we’d expect for the business needs and features to have evolved over time. Surely in the quest to ship new features, our past selves might have forgotten to remove all the dead code. While examining our spaghetti model, we were trying to figure out the purpose of each item. Some of this analysis is waste since the column might be dead code.

Inception Refactor

While working on a feature or a refactor, sometimes we wished that the code looked differently. A developer might think, “If only the code than this interface or this structure, then my work would be easier.” When this happens, we could either do all the refactorings at once or sequence the work with an Inception Refactor.

Renaming Scrum Master

Renaming the Scrum Master role. On my team, we’re discussing “scrum facilitator” or “scrum enabler.” I asked twitter for ideas and here’s what you all came up with.


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