Todd Sedano

Software Engineering, Improv, Craft of Software Development

Corporate Workshops

Waste Workshop ™

Wanting to identify waste on your team and tackle the most impactful one first? This workshop does a systematic review of your team’s wastes and brings team alignment on which one to tackle first. Facilitator Guide is available too.

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Considerate Pair Programming ™ and Balancing Power Imbalances ™ workshop

Pair programming is presented as a straightforward and intuitive practice but is highly relational and difficult to master. When pair programming is done right, it increases productivity, code quality, and developer happiness. But when done wrong, it leads to frustration and resentment.

In this workshop, you will learn how to leverage the strengths of your pair, recognize unhealthy pair programming dynamics, work through conflicts, have difficult conversations, and adjust for power imbalances.

We will do several interactive exercises starting with a fun pairing exercise and work towards how to handle more challenging situations.

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Improv for Engineers ™

Your team will learn the fundamental techniques for improvisational acting including active listening, acceptance of other’s ideas, serving the narrative, and commitment. Using these techniques, engineers can learn new ways to generate novel solutions to complex problems, build high-trust teams, brainstorm without critiquing, and overcome anxiety when public speaking. The emphasis of the workshop is on creativity and spontaneity, not performance.

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Pair Programming Tune-up ™

Based on my blog post series, “Considerate Pair Programming”, this workshop will enable teams to examine and improve their pair-programming practices in a safe environment. Pair programming can often focus on getting the story done. This workshop will help teams discuss their practices and learn how to have meta-conversations about the pairing dynamic. I love pair programming, and want to help you bring it to the next level.

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