Software Engineering Grounded Theory Research

If you are using Grounded Theory to conduct research in software engineering, I would love to hear from you. Please contact me at [professor at]

If you are starting out on grounded theory research, I would suggest this plan of action:

  1. Determine with variant of Grounded Theory that you want to use. Options include:
    • Classic / Glasserian grounded theory
    • Straussian grounded theory
    • Constuctivist grounded theory
  2. Read Stol’s comparison of the three major variants and recommendations on how to write grounded theory research.
  3. Read my lessons learned paper
  4. Read a few exemplars (e.g. Software Development Waste, Becoming Agile)
  5. If you select Constructivist grounded theory, then read Charmaz’s Constructing Grounded Theory
  6. If you select Glasserian grounded theory, then read Hoda’s Grounded Theory for Geeks and read Glaser’s books in order.

This month I finished my Ph.D. I have used grounded theory for the last three years. I have found the method extremely rewarding. I loved interviewing, participant observation, and analyzing the data. There will be moments of confusion with the data. Embrace the confusion, on the other side tends to rewarding research results.

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