We Know The Way - Phonetic Lyrics - Moana

We Know the Way - Phonetic Lyrics - Moana

Thank you Opetaia Foa’i for this fantastic song. It is my favorite from the Moana sound track.

I wanted to learn this song, yet the official lyrics are in Samoan, Tokelauan, and English (I think). Since I only speak English, I created these phonetic lyrics.

I slowed the music to 70% normal speed and listened over and over again. Note, we might not have all the phonemes in English.

Ta-toe Ta-na-to-pho-low


Le’-tua-tsome knee-te-lay


Oo-ah-pah el-lay-lu-ah toa-le-eh


Oh-loh oh-loh tah-kah

Away Away


Te mah new lay lay A ta key A

Away Away


Nah echo hockey lee-ah

Kah-ang nah-A

One of my hobbies is improv, and I play a game where we get our partner to guess multi-syllabic words by acting out each phoneme.

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