Craftsmanship class 2

Question for group: what did you like about the kata? Random drawing on Kata implementation Random drawing on maiden speech Question for the group: how did the reading about estimation of our competence relate to this course?

Responses include

  • The kata was simple enough to let us explore our tools. Never did TDD in C++ before so it gave me time to try that out. I also liked it because it was complex enough to allow us to try complex ideas like recursion.
  • The Kata had the right level of difficulty. It was a good programming (algorithms) exercise and a good TDD exercise
  • Helped to start working towards the goal “refresh ‘java programming skills’ “
  • It helped me learn a new testing framework and helped get me back into programming mode after taking a few months break.
  • Learning TDD in java
  • Program was simple so I could concentrate on the practice
  • Got me introduced to the testing framework
  • Once setup was completed, it showed my that TDD is language/platform agnostic, which should be obvious but was surprising
  • Learning how to do it in java using eclipse, it was easy
  • first time doing TDD in Java
  • learned how to use git with eclipse

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